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Electro-mechanical devices for the aircraft industry

Electronic product design in the aerospace sector demands high quality, reliability, and a robust and traceable supply chain. AES designs and manufactures aircraft device and airport devices for the aerospace industry, that are certified and supplied for use with aircraft, on aircraft and within the airport infrastructure in a range of aerospace applications.

The traceability and testing of aersospace products within the aerospace sector is an important part of the aerospace electronic product design and manufacturing process. AES assists with the component logistics to ensure that the electronic components are sourced from approved suppliers.

Given the long gestation periods of aerospace designs and components, key components may become scarce or obsolete. As components become scarce, strategies are required to locate, approve and if necessary replace components with approved, contemporary alternatives. This process needs to be undertaken early and measures put in place to ensure compliance. AES works with clients to source and evaluate alternative aerospace product innovation and aerospace devices and to preserve the continuity of supply.

AES is participating in a tripartite development project to develop new electro-mechanical devices for the aircraft industry.

Examples of aerospace product design and aerospace product development projects include:

Development of medical devices and technology

AES provides medical device electronics product design and product development services, prototype build and low volume manufacturing, working in-conjunction with clients to take their medical devices to market all under ISO 13485 medical approval. AES has an established track record in medical device product development and medical device contract manufacturing.

From contract manufacture of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment to surgical equipment AES can assist in the product design, testing, certification and manufacture of medical devices.

Medical device design and development projects in the medical sector range from medical equipment used directly to treat patients such as cosmetic surgery equipment for thread vein removal to associated devices in assisted living and environmental controls. AES has taken the lead in developing contactless switching technology which is used in a number of applications to control devices whilst minimising the spread of infection by removing the need for physical contact. The growing need for the use of technology to assist the elderly or infirm to remain self-sufficient is a key area of expertise.

AES has independently designed and developed contactless electronic control systems for faucets and showers, and has developed innovative ways to link internet communication with infrared, Bluetooth and radio frequency devices which are particularly useful in the assisted living sector.

Examples of product design and development projects in the assisted living sector include:

Specialised UK manufacture

Industrial product design and development

The Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sector is perhaps the broadest sector by application serviced by AES. Product design and development projects are frequent and varied, and as such provide AES with the opportunity to work in close collaboration with clients' research and development teams, product development and procurement.

Recent OEM product design and development projects include:

Electronic modules for cars, buses and other transport

The automotive market has increased the use of electronic modules and automotive electronic product design significantly, adding a new complexity to the overall automotive product design of cars, buses and other forms of transportation.

Modular design, data management, and reliability are all factors carefully considered in the delivery of innovative, cost effective products to clients in the automotive sector. AES works with leading automotive companies and has obtained 1st and 2nd tier supplier approval.

Examples of automotive product design and automotive product development projects delivered by AES include:

Innovative design process

Manufacture of electronic devices for the energy and utilities sector

Energy and utilities is a sector in which AES manufactures and supplies electronic devices to a diverse set of client requirements and specifications. The exacting needs of equipment to operate sometimes in harsh environments, and remotely, has provided AES with the opportunity to apply innovative thinking and solid experience in this sector.

Recent projects include:

  • Gas detection devices, fire and smoke detection with remote communication.
  • Fluid level and flood monitoring devices with remote warnings.
  • Level sensing in vessels.
  • Valve position and status sensing. This includes the status of emergency shutdown valves.
  • Temperature sensing with data-logging electronics and remote warnings.
  • Energy and water usage monitoring as part of an integrated energy monitoring system. AES designs and manufactures single and 3 phase power consumption devices with telemetry and wireless repeaters.

Experience in defence and security systems

AES combines innovative commercial technology, electronic product innovation, electronic product design and development, with our experience in defence and security systems.

AES works across a broad spectrum of applications within the defence and security sector. The projects and contract assembly work typically involves a collaborative development process followed by electronic and electro-mechanical assembly work. The sectors covered include airborne and UAV equipment and ground based support equipment. This includes detection, telemetry, data-logging electronics and process control. Land based projects include vehicle controls and monitoring systems; portable electronics for personal protection and fixed plant and equipment.

AES is also involved in monitoring, security systems and communications, often within challenging environments.

Combining electronics with novel enclosures and encapsulation enable AES to provide innovative product solutions to suit demanding applications.

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