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Product innovation

Product innovation

Rapid prototyping techniques

Whether it's to access a gap in the market place, to solve a pressing problem, or simply to spruce up a tired product line in the face of growing competition, innovation drives the market forward. Our close collaboration with universities and technology partners enables complex solutions to be provided using contemporary know how and rapid prototyping techniques.

For any given design challenge we may already have elements of the solution available that will reduce your critical path time and costs. Knowledge gained in the development of firmware and certification testing will steer the designs to afford the best chance of success at pre-compliance stage.

For SME clients, Assemtron may be able to assist in the location of external support grants and other access-to-finance options to mitigate your design costs.

Designs created with manufacture in mind

Given the desire to provide your manufacturing solution, Assemtron is able to maintain competitive design rates and to ensure that designs are created with manufacture in mind.

As manufacturers of industrial and medical products, we know that key steps taken at the design stage can greatly assist in the manufacturing process. Equally, the collaborative approach we take in the design process allows us to consider future proofing steps. This is particularly pertinent when products may eventually be IOT (internet of things) enabled.

Innovation led design process, with manufacturing traceability

The innovation led design process will encourage you to think about future requirements and enhancements without having to incur addition costs ahead of their development.

Our goal is to provide you will attractive products that are ergonomically pleasing, cost effective and safe to use. Manufacturing traceability, a requirement of our ISO13485:2016 certification, is provided at various levels to suit the product and sector.

Collaborative creative design process

The creative element of the collaborative process is an enjoyable stage where ideas are combined and refined often supported with sketches and images to create an initial product concept. The methodical process will take you through the definition of the project considering “need to have” and “nice to have" features of the device.

We will then work our design magic and come back to you with ideas and proposals. The creation of the product specification is the point at which we will start to reduce the variables and to firm up on the required parameters of the finished product. It may take a number of iterations before a final specification is produced. At this point you will have confidence that we are working to a common objective and then the critical path will be defined. This will have milestones which will be reviewed with you to ensure that the project is on the tarck and that there is a common vision.

The process is flexible and market conditions may change during this process. Our system will accommodate this although we would seek to avoid significant specification changes downstream where costs will be incurred. The use of CAD designs and prototypes including working prototypes, will allow you to make increasingly subtle design changes prior to tooling and production manufacture.

We enjoy the collaborative process as there is always a buzz when you see your ideas take shape firstly in sketches, then in CAD and finally in physical form. When the finished product proudly bears a CE mark and is in regular production it is rewarding but we don’t stop there. As experience in the product’s manufacture together with market feedback is gained and combined with ongoing development generally we will periodically keep you updated on possible improvements or complementary products. IOT is one such area where standalone products may become smart devices allowing clients to servitise their business offering.

If you would like to know more about this area of development and Industry 4.0 in general please do not hesitate to contact us.

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