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The Assemtron project team is actively developing a close network of specialists in dissimilar sectors that are ready to work on novel products and to tackle technical problems.

The philosophy is to put you, as the client, at the centre of the project and to create a network of capable engineers and process specialists to output bespoke solutions.

Examples of successful projects have seen plastic mouldings and liquid polymers being used to encapsulate electronic assemblies to create sealed devices used in challenging environments.

Electronics specialists are able to maintain connectivity through the sealed devices to send and receive data and to preserve product integrity.

In other applications, Assemtron is developing electronic devices for use in high ambient pressures, providing telemetry and communications.

Recent developments in pressure and temperature sensing have been commercialised for use in hazardous and corrosive environments and where moving parts were prohibited.

Similarly technology in the IOT space is enabling dissimilar sensors to be combined for environmental and security monitoring in novel applications.

The common theme is that we are challenging conventional processes and seeking to use solutions and knowhow developed in one field for use in another.

The innovation process has led to the enhancement of products which evolve into a client’s journey along a critical path. The collaborative process assists the clients in the visualisation of smarter and more efficient products.

The upgrade of a long established production tool was achieved with a fourfold increase in output from a single operator. This has led to automation that will further enhance the productivity.

Medical developments have seen the Assemtron network supporting medical specialists in the creationt of diagnostic equipment. Cutting edge, 3d printing and polymer selection have combined with electronics and telematics to create affordable diagnostic products.

The strength of the network is that the individuals are used to working together and yet the teams may be flexed to suit each application. Devices based on plastic moulding technology may have different participants to machined metal products and the software development may vary from medical to industrial applications but the collaborative approach works. A sound understanding of the business case and the intended scale is important to ensure that the expectations for the project are realistic. Products are designed with production in mind and with manufacturing personnel consulted during the design process.

Projects emerge from a broad spectrum of contacts and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your product aspirations with you. The collaborative process is likely to enrich the journey and we will challenge the business case to ensure that there is a common vision and clear outcomes. The journey to developing your next market winner is just a phone call or email away and we would like to hear from you.

Automotive and aerospace

Heated thread-insertion tools
Multi-insert, 500’C insertion tools with touch screen interfaces and PID controls

Electronic torque-tools
Control and sensor board assemblies – OEM application

Dynamometer and weighing system equipment
Manufacture of subassemblies and interfaces

Trackside power supplies
Heavy current power supplies for use in automotive manufacturing facilities

Turbocharger components
Sensor and telematics equipment

Chemical processing

Control system
Waste oil digestion equipment. Level sensing and heater controls for degreasing equipment. The system is IOT equipped for remote monitoring and control. Digital fluid level sensing and process control using bespoke electronic devices.


Smart cities
Air quality monitors. Vehicle and fixed location air quality monitors with multiple gas and particulate detection. IOT telematics interface

IOT remote monitoring system
Embedded IOT devices for inclusion in clients’ products. Sensor units that capture the host’s parameters and provide remote control and datalogging.

Construction and agriculture

Fire and smoke control panels
Smart panels for the monitoring of fire detectors and the control of smoke dampers in multioccupancy buildings

Fire suppression system
Fire suppression units for use in multioccupancy buildings with communal refuse and storage areas

Asset protection and security
Remote monitoring and tracking devices for single and multiuser applications

Magnet particle detection
Mining and rock crushing. Development of intelligent sensing equipment for rugged environments

Firewater pumps
Sensors and sealed display unit. Portable pumping equipment fitted with digital, fluid level sensing and display units sealed in over-moulded housings.

Personnel protection and safety equipment
Secondary guarding equipment for mobile, elevated work platforms (MEWPs)

Lighting and interior design

Custom wiring looms
Professional lighting system components for commercial premises

Marine and offshore

Sonar based equipment
Location and communication equipment

Mechanical handling

Non-passenger based goods lifts
Canbus controlled goods-lift control system with novel interfaces and connectivity

Medical manufacturing

IOT remote monitoring system
Hospital drug-storage monitoring system. Temperature, pressure and humidity monitoring in Midlands based hospital facilities. Remote monitoring software and cloud interface.

Electronic monitoring device
Remote monitoring of “at risk” patients within secure-hospital environments

Patient monitoring equipment
Wearable monitoring device for the early detection of heart conditions.

Thermocoagulation equipment
Development of custom medical equipment used in the cosmetic industry sector

Diagnostic cushion
Medical device for the monitoring and protection of elderly and infirm patients

Invasive surgical equipment
Electronic surgical device certified for the clinical treatment of medical conditions within a hospital environment

Power generation

Turbine monitoring equipment
Renewable energy
Control and monitoring system. IOT based monitoring and control equipment.

Public sector

Festival lighting control
Remote control for synchronised switching of town Christmas lights

Highways England
Driving simulators. Mobile driving simulators for use in mobile, professional driver training.

Rail sector

Security system
Multisensory monitoring system with secure connectivity. Asset protection and access control equipment using wired and remote sensors.

Safety system
Passenger safety equipment in stations. Standby battery packs and wiring assemblies.

Sport and leisure

Professional golf simulator
High speed tracking and display equipment for training and coaching

Wearable devices
Location and condition monitoring equipment for team-based field sports

Games simulation accessories
Four axis motion platform and sensory feed back devices for high-end games simulation

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