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Product design

Product design

Design for manufacture

Assemtron is able to lead you through the design process and into regular production using a tried and tested method. Some or all of the stages may apply to your project and we are flexible in our approach.

Experience has shown that the logical steps will significantly improve the quality and development timeline to reach market and generate revenue. Key steps such as “design-for-manufacture” and “testing and certification” will afford you the best opportunity to secure third party certification, export approvals and CE marking.

Certification testing

The Assemtron team works with a number of UK and overseas testing laboratories and has gained first hand experience in certification testing for CE and medical safety requirements. Knowledge of electrostatic discharge, radio immunity and electrical safety allows Assemtron to design products for you with confidence. Protoype development and pre-compliance testing are available to support design iteration towards the end goal of a market ready product. Clients typically take an active role in the development process and can influence the designs along the critical path.

This collaborative process reduces the risk of unwanted surprises and often flushes out design improvements and knowledge is gained from the manufacture and evaluation of prototypes and firmware.

The design process

The design process includes a number of steps that are bound by project milestones. Each milestone will have defined deliverables; things that you would wish to see before moving to the next logical step. These are documented and follow the initial project proposal that defines timelines, costs and physical protoypes.

The design deliverables typically include a number of these elements:

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